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i am honestly scared and having anxiety about tonight my bf is all “WOO YEAH WE’RE GONNA RAGE WOOOO GET WASTED WOOOO AFTERPARTY”


thats not me. I don’t want to but i honestly picture myself just leaving sometime during the night

and he’s gonna introduce me to his friends omg…. im gonna get all sweaty and drymouthy, “HI im tyson *bad breath* nice to meet you”

i’m feeling really stupid and inadequate rn like my boyfriend is so much prettier and cooler than me and it just makes me feel nervous like he could up and leave my ass so fast for a million better dudes anytime… i just feel like really tiny and all the water is pushing out my eyeholes… uh i know this post is like really out of place idk where else to post it online w/o him seeing this